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Attention Needed

Additional Recommended Maintenance

Generator maintenance is important, and understanding what is needed to ensure proper performance is essential to peace of mind.  See the recommended maintenance list below.

Current GenMonitor Subscription Plan Includes:

Generac’s Owners Manual (page 23 for most) recommends the oil and filters be replaced annually to ensure the continued proper operation of your home standby unit.

Maintaining the proper output voltage is a very important function. Over time output voltage naturally walks off and requires recalibration.

Throughout your total standby power system, 40 primary points have been identified as requiring routine inspection. The 40 points may change based off your generator model, age, and size.

The natural elements of our climate are the #1 cause of premature generator failure.

Keeping the unit clean and free of debris can help prolong your generators total life.

Once enrolled in Generator Supercenter’s GenMonitor program you gain access to 24hr technical support and service exclusive to our GenMonitor Customers.

Once enrolled in our GenMonitor program you have the ability to monitor your home standby generator via the GenMonitor phone app.

In the event a National or Local Emergency GenMonitor customers receive priority scheduling for service. Keeping in mind that First responders and Life Safety customers needs are met first, followed by GenMonitor customers.

All GenMonitor participants receive a discount of 10% on any additional services that you may need, but not covered by your generator’s manufacturer warranty.

All GenMonitor participants receive a discount of 10% on any additional labor that you may need, but not covered by your generator’s manufacturer warranty.

Additional Maintenance Items May Be:

Surge protectors help extend the lifespan of your electronics. Power outages, grid malfunctions, and several other electrical problems caused by power surges that can damage electrical items in your home.

Due to the manner in which your battery is used in your generator, the average life expectancy of the battery is 2 to 3 years. The battery is always discharging, as a result it requires constant charging, resulting in a shortened its life.

The first manufacturer recommended valve check and adjustment is required at 25 hours.

The valves are a mechanical moving part, and the valve system is under extreme heat and force while running, requiring periodic adjustments to get them set back to factory clearances.

Liquid Cooled units require flushing and replacing of the coolant every 2 years to prevent calcium build up and corrosion of the internal engine components.

Cooling system belts and hoses are exposed to high temperatures and harsh conditions that naturally breaks down the integrity of the material in which they are  manufactured. As a result, replacement should be done every 4 to 5 years.

Your home standby generator has reached 5 years old, and due to the elements and natural wear and tear, there are certain systems that need additional attention to maintain optimal performance. A Service Representative will reach out to you with further details.

Congratulations, your home standby generator has turned 10 years old. As with the 5 year tune-up, certain items on your generator require additional attention to ensure that an excellent level of protection from power outage is maintained. A Service representative will reach out to you with further details.

For additional details and assistance, reference source materials – Owner’s Manual for Your Specific Generator.

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